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Pension Plan Administration

For many smaller companies, the employer often elects to act as the company's pension plan administrator. Even with a small number of employees, most business owners find that performing these duties to the letter of the law is incredibly tedious, complex, time-consuming, and frustrating. Performing these duties objectively can be difficult; because in terms of fiduciary duty, the pension plan administrator has a duty to act in the interest of the plan's participants and not the underlying company.

As the third party administrator, we ensure the legal and operational aspects of the plan are followed and maintained, processes are established where needed and participants are timely informed and paid according to the terms of the plan.

    Smart Strategies

    One of our most important services is the right Pension Strategy.

    Retirement plans should be designed to complement your company, further your mission, and help provide financial security for your employees. Apex can help.

    Comprehensive Solutions

    Apex will assist you in explaining the plan design. We will help project the benefits so you can motivate employees by explaining your retirement plan in simple and understandable terms. Sometimes, that independent voice is all your employees need.

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