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Pension Plans, 401(k) Options, ESOP and a Lot More
We specialize in all types of company sponsored retirement plans:
  • 401(k)/Roth – contribute your own money on a pre-tax or after-tax basis and let your money grow tax deferred
  • Matching Contributions – the employer may have some formula to reward & enhance an employee’s participation
  • Profit Sharing – an employer provided benefit not dependent upon employee contributions
  • ESOP – Employee Stock Ownership Plan – a type of profit sharing plan investing in company stock
  • Pension – company-funded retirement plan that provides an annuity benefit at retirement age
  • Cash Balance – a type of pension plan that looks like a profit sharing plan, but actually is targeted to a retirement age
  • Combinations – some of the above types may be mixed and matched to create a custom retirement plan solution
Designing Your Plan
Designing Your Plan

It's not just about investing the contributions.

You have a choice about practically every aspect of the plan. Some things to consider about your plan:

  • Do you want to allow for loans or hardship distributions?
  • Would you prefer to allow immediate entry or something more restrictive?
  • Do you want installment or annuity distribution options in addition to lump sums?
  • Would you prefer a select group of employees receive a contribution rather than everyone?

Are you getting the most out of your plan?

No matter what the design, you cannot put a plan in place and expect employees to just "get it." With some education and communication they will understand, but it takes time, effort and repetition.

How do you design (or redesign) your plan?

What's working and what's not? What are the goals? By reviewing these answers and comparing them with your employee populations, Apex can evaluate the feasibility of a variety of plan designs.


 Is It That Simple? Maybe, but the details to examine include:

  •  Are there excludable employees?
  •  Does participation and entry vary?
  •  How are contributions allocated?
  •  Is there a 1042 transaction?
  •  What is the definition of compensation?

Participant Statements Are Only a Piece of the Puzzle.  

  • Read the plan document
  • Determine eligibility/participation dates
  • Allocate contributions & earnings 
  • Allocate forfeitures 
  • Reconcile trust assets
  • Perform all discrimination testing
  • Prepare all reporting and disclosure
    Smart Strategies

    One of our most important services is the right Pension Strategy.

    Retirement plans should be designed to complement your company, further your mission, and help provide financial security for your employees. Apex can help.

    Comprehensive Solutions

    Apex will assist you in explaining the plan design. We will help project the benefits so you can motivate employees by explaining your retirement plan in simple and understandable terms. Sometimes, that independent voice is all your employees need.

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