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Compliance Services

As a retirement plan sponsor, you probably know how important it is to comply with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and the ever-changing reporting and disclosure requirements mandated by the federal government. You probably also know how confusing it can be. There are myriad agencies overseeing the design and administration of retirement plans, with literally thousands of regulations – federal, state, and local – which may at times seem contradictory. Apex can help you mitigate the risk of non-compliance and keep you and your organization fully up-to-date with all rules and regulations regarding your plan.

  • All discrimination testing
  • Plan audits
  • Form 5500 and notice requirements
  • Nondiscrimination regulations
  • Plan administration and design 
  • Legislation and legislative trends 
  • Tax law 
  • Fiduciary liability 
  • And more!
Compliance Tests Must Be Applied Regularly
  • General test for all retirement plans demonstrating long-term benefits for top executives are not unfair.
  • Minimum distribution requirements ensure participants are receiving appropriate annual distributions.
  • Maximum compensation rules to determine whether distributions exceed the legal limits.
  • Average deferral percentages, to ensure that 401(k) salary deferral contributions made by highly compensated employees do not violate specific ratios.

The above are just a sampling of regulations which are stringent and often overlapping. It’s not uncommon for companies to ‘fall out’ of compliance – at a cost to the organization and participants – and for the plan to need ‘tweaking’ to reestablish its validity.

The tests for compliance vary. Here are some basics that will help you determine if your plan is in compliance:
401(a)(4) and 410(b) coverage testing 401(k) employee deferral test 401(m) employer match test 404 deduction limitation 409 ESOP limitation 415 annual additions testing 416 top heavy testing 1042 selling shareholder requirements
Smart Strategies

One of our most important services is the right Pension Strategy.

Retirement plans should be designed to complement your company, further your mission, and help provide financial security for your employees. Apex can help.

Comprehensive Solutions

Apex will assist you in explaining the plan design. We will help project the benefits so you can motivate employees by explaining your retirement plan in simple and understandable terms. Sometimes, that independent voice is all your employees need.

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